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” I didn’t think it was possible. My daughter did NOT enjoy reading on her own. But this app changed everything. She picks it up every day after school and wants to read more and more. And she’s learning so much about the world! It’s kind of amazing…

” I was concerned that this app may be bias… Not at all! So far, I find that the articles are fact-based, and the writer is not giving his personal opinions. I even learn a lot from many of the articles… Very nice app. My son loves to read the news daily! Thumbs up! 

” This is a great way for them to read an appropriate level and learn about real world things! Keeps my daughter very interested in what she is reading. There is always something fun to read! This is awesome! Highly recommend News-O-Matic! 

” I can’t believe that I had never heard of this app before! I am an educator – and there is no other nonfiction reading that engages kids like this. My third graders are begging every day to read the latest articles! Even in a time where the news can be tough to explain to young ones, I know I can always trust News o matic for balanced writing. This will be a part of my curriculum for years to come! 

” Our school focus this year is on differentiation in instruction. I’m delighted to use News-o-matic with my students, because it offers sufficient variety in daily content (something for everyone), I can adjust the lexile levels to meet the needs of different readers, and there are so many authentic ways for students to respond to text. Keep up the great work, we hope to continue using NOM for years to come! 

” I have never seen anything like this. A DAILY newspaper that kids love — with totally new stories every single day. My kid loves hearing the stories read out loud to him and exploring the videos and pictures. What I love best is the range of article topics. There is science, arts, world news, and sports (my 10 year old’s favorite). Always something interesting to discover each day of the week. 

by CT-Mommy1

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